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You Are the Happiness You Seek Book Study with special guests featuring Rupert Spira, hosted by Bill Free

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 The focus is Rupert Spira's book:

"You Are the Happiness You Seek" 

Uncovering the Awareness of Being

In this book, Rupert Spira distils the message of all the great religious and spiritual traditions into two essential truths: happiness is the very nature of our self or being, and we share our being with everyone and everything.


Your registration includes:

  Live 1-hour recorded video broadcasts with your host Bill Free and his rotation of guest hosts sharing highlights of wisdom and insights from each chapter followed by the opportunity for you to join and chat with Bill Free and guest host about the contents and understanding of the book.

  Gentle, guided meditations shared sometime during the gathering to powerfully integrate our practice in awareness each time we meet and reflect on the fragrance of the Truth as a direct experience of knowing.

  A periodic live visit by Rupert to answer questions we may have about the book.

  A global online community.

  Several guest appearances from previous book club meetings and other surprise guests as we go along..

✓  A Chat board, but of course!

  A Facebook group specifically for the group to share.

This is an online recorded series (via Zoom)  — Join us from wherever you are!  


"Whenever we are seeking happiness, it is in fact our innate happiness that is seeking us. The happiness we seek is the happiness we are. "  


— Rupert Spira


In this book, Rupert Spira distills the message of all the great religious and spiritual traditions into two essential truths: happiness is the very nature of our self or being, and we share our being with everyone and everything. 

Drawing on numerous examples from his own experience, Spira demonstrates that to seek lasting happiness through objects, situations and relationships is destined for failure and disappointment, and skilfully guides the reader to recognise that we are already the happiness we seek. 

This book is for anyone who yearns for lasting happiness and is open to the possibility that it is continuously available within ourselves, irrespective of our circumstances.  

Could there be any greater discovery in life than to know that we are already that for which we long?


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The Author

Rupert Spira


Rupert explores the perennial, non-dual understanding that lies at the heart of all the great religious and spiritual traditions, which is also the direct, ever-present reality of our own experience. This contemporary, experiential approach involves silent and guided meditation and conversation. Requiring no affiliation to any particular religious or spiritual tradition; only an interest in the essential nature of experience and the longing for love, peace and happiness around which most of our lives revolve.

Your Host

Bill Free


Bill Free teaches non-duality and the Direct Path integration as a means to awaken through lectures, self-inquiry and experiential guided meditations. Bill enjoys the discovery of the Self I Am in the investigation and contemplation that reveals and embodies Pure Presence and has found this to be available to all beings when they are ready. 




"What could be more important in life than to know that we are already that for which we long?" 


— Rupert Spira


The Rupert Spira Book Study goes beyond a mere book club. This is a community for people yearning to have more than just a conversation about spirituality — taking you from being a reader to actually engaging in self-inquiry and spiritual investigation. You are here to allow the essential nature of consciousness to be revealed to you. Knowing the Self as God created you — experientially, not just intellectually.

  • Ask the questions you can’t ask anywhere else. Your questions will be treated with love, respect and genuine curiosity.
  • Bring your friends. Bring a cuppa whatever you love to drink.
  • This is a relaxed, casual environment that facilitates an encounter with your deepest Inner Self, Love and Understanding.
  • Profound insights. Hilarious laughter. Juicy explorations. Divine experiences. The keys to understanding awakening. 


We look forward to vibrant, dynamic discussions and welcome you to join us!


In order to participate, you’ll need to own a copy of “You Are the Happiness You Seek” (either hard copy or Kindle). We’ll cover a chapter each week for a deep, nourishing experience, and it’s suggested to stay ahead of the reading by one week so you’ll be able to connect your experience with the group.

Here's what people are saying about the Book Study

Jenny Sheehan

"Thank you Bill for connecting us with Rupert through this virtual world and thank you Rupert for making time for this little book study. We truly appreciate all the time and energy shared with us! That you both give so freely is a wonderful gift. It's amazing what can be done through time and space these days!!"


Jane Richards

"I am really enjoying this book. Rupert makes everything so clear and easier to understand. After reading The Nature of Consciousness which I found a little tough going especially in the beginning, Being Myself is like a breath of fresh air."


Melanie Santorini

Soooo helpful. Your clarity is delicious. This body-mind is now sitting back, enjoying the show, at rest and in peace, with a big silly grin on “her” face "





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